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QMILK SKIN CARE with natural peptides!

The new favorite active ingredient in medicine and cosmetics regulate all processes in body – also on your skin.

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QMILK Skin Oil – 8 most valuable active ingredient oils of the world-

Combined as a moisturizer & strong anti-age for your dry and sensitive skin.
Aloe Vera oil provides deep-acting moisture.

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QMILK Peeling = QMILK SkinCare + Wax of rose petals + QMILK milk fibers as natural beads.

The Basis is QMILK SkinCare Cream. It strengthens the skin- barrier.


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QMILK Intensive Cream – with effective Betulin guava pomegranate complex

Betulin – from white birch bark – is the medical nature’s active ingredient for the skin.
It supports healing and balance.

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QMILK Serum – all active ingredients & mild eye care with natural genius sea
buckthorn fruit oil in high concentration.

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